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So below, is my list. But first I would like to take this moment to inform you all about Mp3Search.ru. No, I am not affliated with this site, nor do whatever. Anyway the point being observe this page. What you should see is a Johnny cash album, all the songs are get this, 10 cents. What makes this possible is the Russian economy's conversion rate as compared to the US's rate. It's all legal and reaaally cheap. Catch is you have to put down like 20 bucks towards your account, but when you do they give you ten dollars! Sweet, I know. So yeah, go and download all those CDs you wanted, but didn't want to spend $22 at FYE, Best Buy, Sam Badie or whatever crapstore you could be sticking it to righ now.

A - Apoptygma Berzerk

B - Buckethead

C - Caviar

D - Die Warzau

E - Eagles of Death Metal

F - Freya

G - Gravity Kills

H - Hammerfall

I - Imperative Reaction

J - Jump, Little Children

K - K.M.F.D.M.

L - Lords of Acid

M - Mindless Self Indulgence

N - New York Loose

O - Overseer

P - Primus

Q - Quicksand

R - Rage Against the Machine

S - Scratching Post

T - Transister
U - Underworld
V - Vast

W - Watts

X - X-ecutioners

Y - Yendri

Z - From Zero

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