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Age:19 and 2/3rds
Location:New Scotland
Relationship status and a picture (if possible):yesser
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Name Five of you favorite Bands or Singers
-Mindless Self Indulgence
-Electric Six
-Nich Inch Nails
-System Of A Down

Name Five of your Favorite Movies and a short reason why you like them
-An Interview With The Vampire: because it's not a shitty movie
-Snatch: Guy Ritchie script and direction.. PLUS Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham, Benicio Del Toro
-Donnie Darko: Dead boy in a bunny suit travels back in time to make sure a boy fulfills his destiny.
-Hackers: umm Angelina Jolie(Kate "Acid Burn" Libby) is like 18.. plus comps and industral music.
-Mallrats: The story of 2 guys that try to take their minds off of the girls they love by hanging out at the mall, but then

realise that they would rather be winning them back.

Favorite TV shows:
Favorite Colors:dont have one.
Favorite music genre:Metal.
Favorite Actor or Famous person (past or present):Brad Pitt, Alan Rickmon, Vinnie Jones.


Astrological Sign:Gemini.. your gonna die.. TWICE
Know any good jokes? Tell us: why is HTML sooooo hyper?.. Too much JAVA..
Name one place you would like to visit before you die. Please explain why:Gotham city.
Hobbies you enjoy:drawing, listening to music, reading.
Do you have any tattoos?(photos not required but welcomed):nope
Do you have any piercings? (photos not required but welcomed):nope
If you answered no to the last two questions, are there any tattoos or piercings you would like to get?:
lots of ideas for tattoos, INFACT I want to be a tattoo artist.
Opinion Questions
You must pick 2-3 out of the options below and fully elaborate with correct grammar to show you have a brain and

know how to use it.

Interracial Dating-
for it
Gay Marriages-
for it
George Bush-
are we talking about herb? or Jr.?
He's an American, born July 6, 1946.
Graduated for Yale in 1968, then in 86 graduated from harvard business.
Became an oil tycoon.
Governed Texas in 94.
Won the Republican nomination for president in August of 2000.
Stereotypes and labels-
dont care much for opinions.
I've Done alot of work studying Religion, I've read the bible (first, second, KJ edt.), the book of mormon, The origin of

Species, a brief history of time.. and gone as far as my favourite book of all time, being "speaker for the dead" if you

knew anything about Orson Scott Card or this book you would understand.

I like the idea that there is somone that looks over us and keeps us safe for the "True Evils" of the world, but the whole

idea is absurd, it can not be proved either way and thus I have chosen Agnostics.

Two True facts:
-Last time I went to church (besides weddings) was Xmas Eve 2k, i sneezed, NOONE said bless you.. and I never

went again.
-I convinced my friend who when to an all christan school in Georgia to do a book report on the book of Mormon, and his teachers were like "what the fuck happened to you".

Macabre Enough?
Tell us why you think you're "macabre": death is fun... i guess.
How would you define a "macabre maiden"? a women who likes death and morbid stuff.
Show us a picture that you think is "macabre" or "morbid:

And Finally...

What would you bring to this community if you were accepted?unbias assholerry
Where did you find out about this community? (if it was a specific user, please specify):mien Liebe
Please promote in at least one other place and provide the link:

You must include 3 pictures of yourself. Try not to make them smaller than 100x100 (the size of your icon)

and please make at least one of them a clear face shot.

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† Lastly, please include an 85x85 picture of yourself so we can add it to the user info, should you be accepted. If

you don't know how to do that, just give us a picture you would like us to resize and add.

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