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Let the Darkness rise

Gorgeously Gruesome:A Rating community for the Odd
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This is a rating community, geared towards the morbid and macabre side of life. If blood, gore, death, and anything twisted and shock-worthy attracts you, you've come to the right place. This is also a community for any who might consider themselves part of subcultures such as gothic, industrial, metal head, cyber, alternative, punk, or perhaps your own style. Unlike the average rating community, we do not rate just on looks. We rate you.
Within the community, we tend to have monthly themes and Monthly Maiden contests. Members are free to post anything they like, whether it be relating to the community or not. But it's asked of you to please keep personal posts in your own journal. We don't need to hear about how your boyfriend stood you up again, but tell us about that new album you can't wait to get, post pictures, questions, anything you like.

This community is for both girls and guys.

Before Applying you must read the Rules.

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First, NO PROMOTIONS within the community without first getting permission from a mod.
Upon joining you must submit an application within two days or you will be removed. If you think there will be a problem with submitting it in two days, please contact a mod and something can be arranged.
You must be at least 16 years old to join. Not 14, not 15 and a half, 16.
Both Girls and Boys may apply.
Please pay attention to the HTML in the application.
Proper spelling and gramatical skills are very much appreciated. Nun ov dis shite, lyke k?
You must complete the entire application before submitting it.
When submitting please put "Helpless" in the Subject line to show you’re a new applicant and you read the rules.
You have to apply and be accepted before commenting on other posts other than your application. Posting or commenting anywhere else beforehand results in a ban.
Voting will take place for an average of two days or whenever the majority of members have voted. If you have been rejected, you may apply once more after one week.
Do not fight with the members. If you don't like what someone said in your application, tough shit. This is a rating community, and you are subjecting yourself to criticism the minute you submit your application, be it good or bad.
Do not delete your application once submitting. If you do, you will be permanently banned.
If you leave the community before voting is over (be it because you get bored or you think you will be rejected) you will automatically be rejected.

The whole application is in the box. Just copy and paste. Please put your answers after the bold.
Don't fuck up the application's HTML. It's already done for you, and it's really easy to just do it right. If you fuck it up, you must have tried really hard, and you'll most likely get rejected for your stupidity.


Please put a Yes or No in the subject line.
Undecideds are allowed but please make sure to go and change your vote later to either a yes or no.
If you can, please give the application a reason as to why you voted yes or no.
Be as mean and ruthless as you want, but don't intentionally rip someone apart for no reason.


In this community, the mods make and maintain the rules. If you piss us off in any way, we reserve the right to ban you.
We aren't pussies. Be as mean and offensive as you want. (however, the mods reserve the right to ban whomever constantly just starts shit for the sake of starting it. If there is going to be drama, it must be relevant.)
Stay active! Make sure you have the community in your "watch" list on your user info page. Keep the place running. Post your pictures, things you find that you wish to share with us, your ideas, discussions, etc.
Promote! Promotional Banners can be found in the link below. Feel free to make new ones whenever you get bored, and submit them. You will get full credit, don't worry.
If you make a picture post of more than one picture, please put the rest behind an lj-cut.
If you have a problem with one of the members, do not make a post within the community about it. It will be deleted, and you will receive a warning. Please contact one of the mods, via their journals, email, IM, whatever.
Please use the spelling and grammatical skills that your education system has tried so hard to instill upon you.
Do not post animal cruelty. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned without warning.

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February Theme

Can be seen here:
"Morbid Love"

Brought to you by your lovely mods:

lifes_confusing -> Marissa
iampoison_00 -> Deannah

accepted, rejected, and promotional banners credit goes to http://www.dorianart.com
background image credit goes to ?
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