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Name Sanne
Age: 20
Location: Maastricht, the Netherlands
Relationship status and a picture (if possible): Engaged


Name Five of you favorite Bands or Singers
- XotoX
- Sisters of Mercy
- Dire Straits
- Jean Michel Jarre
- Wumpscut

Name Five of your Favorite Movies and a short reason why you like them
- Bram Stoker's Dracula; It is not only a fantastic movie with great special effects, but it's also not as cliche as many other movies in this genre. Plus it's got Gary Oldman of course.
- I Vampiri; another vampiremovie, but in black and white, and italian. It's a feast for the eye and not the standarised plot.
- Village of the Damned; I love the children in this movie. Funny is though that one child remains alone and his name is David, like my fiancé.
- American History X; fantastic movie that really makes you look at things in a different perspective. An absolute must-see.
- Mists of Avalon; movie based upon my favourite book. Unfortunately they had to cut out some things but it's still a great movie.

Favorite TV shows: I'm a total sucker for Desperate Housewives and Alias
Favorite Colors:Midnight Blue
Favorite music genre:pretty much all 80's music
Favorite Actor or Famous person (past or present): Gary Oldman and Sir Sean Connery


Astrological Sign: Virgo
Know any good jokes? Tell us: It's blue and orange and it's at the bottom of a lake? A dead baby with broken inflateable wings...
Name one place you would like to visit before you die. Please explain why: Canada; great people and lots of snow in winter
Hobbies you enjoy: Reading, listening to music, playing guitar, watching movies, cutting hair, doing make-up, making clothes, going out, and much more
Do you have any tattoos?(photos not required but welcomed): Yes, I have a tattoo of a little lady sitting on a mooncrescent
Do you have any piercings? (photos not required but welcomed): Yes, three of them
If you answered no to the last two questions, are there any tattoos or piercings you would like to get?: I know I answered yes to the previous two questions, but i still want a tattoo on my lower abdomen sometime but I want to wait with that.

Opinion Questions
You must pick 2-3 out of the options below and fully elaborate with correct grammar to show you have a brain and know how to use it.
Abortion- In some cases I would be pro-choice, but it depends. Abortion should not be seen as some sort of protection and only be relied upon in urgent cases such as rape.
Interracial Dating- I have absolutely no problem with interracial dating and have no idea why anyone should. a person is a person, no matter how they look on the outside. It is the inside that counts.
Gay Marriages- Again something I don't have any problems with. In fact, I have many gay friends, and as long as they're happy, I'm happy :)
George Bush- Well, I think the fact it is forbidden to slander about him says enough.
Stereotypes and labels- I personally do not participate in the sport of cubicleisation (as I like to call it), and do not support this. But if other people feel they need to categorise people I'm not going to stop them.
Religion- I think everybody should be free to practise whatever religion they seem fitting for themselves.

Macabre Enough?
Tell us why you think you're "macabre": I think the joke already explains it all, but for good order, I like the dark side of things. The dark side of humor, of life, of sex and even death.
How would you define a "macabre maiden"? As someone not afraid to speak his or her mind, and not afraid to shock if necessairy. If I think about how she would look (if it was a she) it would be an incredible hot fetish vixen.
Show us a picture that you think is "macabre" or "morbid:

For me this picture depicts the beauty of death and the truely eternal bond of mother and child.

And Finally...

What would you bring to this community if you were accepted? I'm not afraid to say what I think and like to shock. If need be with pictures ;) And honestly, I've had it with preppy pretending communities where you can only get in if you're close with the moderator, or when you get kicked out or picked upon if you don't agree with every word they say. Long live a free mind!
Where did you find out about this community? (if it was a specific user, please specify): I saw it on one of my friends journals (r0b0tikn0ise)
Please promote in at least one other place and provide the link:

You must include 3 pictures of yourself. Try not to make them smaller than 100x100 (the size of your icon) and please make at least one of them a clear face shot.

† Lastly, please include an 85x85 picture of yourself so we can add it to the user info, should you be accepted. If you don't know how to do that, just give us a picture you would like us to resize and add.

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