Marissa (lifes_confusing) wrote in macabre_maidens,

MOD: Let's have some fun.

Ok. I want to start some fun in here without making it a theme. Let’s do a nice abc’s of music w/pictures. For every letter of the alphabet name a bands you like and listen to along with a picture of the band it’s self or a favorite album. Don’t worry if you can’t think of one for a certain letter but try to fill them all out. Or you can just use an inner letter like for example you can’t find a band that begins with letter A. But you like a band that has an a in it like this megadeth. That can be used instead. So I say have some fun with it. Post it into a new entry and comment all you want on other peoples selections but I do not want to see “ You like ______ they are so fucking stupid” Don’t start drama is all I’m saying. So take this and have some fun.
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