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Some random questions for you people. I’m turning 18 in October and I’ve made up my mind. I am getting a tattoo. I’m positive on what I want for my first two but not sure on the third and what places I want them. Just wondering who in here has any tattoos or tattoo advice. As in where is hurts the most to get one done. Right now I’m thinking I want:

Image hosted by
but in black and blue. This one I’m not too sure where I want it to go.

I also want to get this:
Image hosted by
on my ankle. I know. Yes Marissa is a redneck. Enough said.

I also want to get the typical tramp stamp on my lower back. I want a dragon but not really a tribal. Anybody have any cool designs or ideas.

Also I’m thinking about getting a new piercing. I know for sure I’m re-doing my labret. But other than that I’m not sure on what to get. I don’t want the belly button thing b/c it’s way over played and just not for me. I was thinking about getting an industrial but I’ve been told they hurt like a bitch and get infected easy b/c it takes them forever to heal. So any advice on this will make me heart you.

Well I figured this would apply here so help a nigga out.
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