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Name Numidas (DasNumi, Numi, etc.)
Age: 21 *sigh*
Location: Cambridge, MA USA at the moment. but I go where the wind takes me.
Relationship status and a picture (if possible): wonderfully in love with P.Diablow

Photo I took of him


Name Five of you favorite Bands or Singers
- World/Inferno Friendship Society
- Gogol Bordello
- Radiohead
- Magnetic Fields
- Big Lazy

Name Five of your Favorite Movies and a short reason why you like them
- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - The director Michel Gondry is god.
- City of Lost Children - Alright, so I'm a sucker for surrealist films, so sue me. Great visuals, great story. Tim Burton wishes he came up with this.
- Fight Club - Nihilism never looked so good. This also tends to be the one movie I always quote from.
- Bottled Fools (or Hellevator *gags* for its American release) - Very well written, and pretty innovative filmmaking in my opinion.
- I (heart) Huckabees - Existentialism is my life. That's all.

Favorite TV shows: Daily Show, the Colbert Report, Family Guy, Futurama, and *mumbles*project runway*cough hack* ... I'm a sucker.
Favorite Colors: the majority of my wardrobe (through no conscious effort of my own) is black and red.
Favorite music genre: Uh... post modern punk cabaret? sadly, I wish I just made that up... but no.
Favorite Actor or Famous person (past or present): That's difficult. I guess Gary Oldman, though Lon Cheney is pretty awesome.


Astrological Sign: Leo
Know any good jokes? Tell us: What does a vegetarian zombie say......... "GRAAAAAAAAAIIINNS" :) *curtsy*
Name one place you would like to visit before you die. Please explain why: Thailand. I'd like to see my dad's side of the family since they sound amazing and I've only met a very small handful.
Hobbies you enjoy: I am a crafty crafty girl. I sew, I draw, I do Makeup SFX, I dress up, I make accessories, I just make things. I must create. I also on occassion perform burlesque with Black Cat Burlesque and do other such random performance things. And I model. And I take photographs. Long story short I do too much. Jack of all trades master of none.
Do you have any tattoos?(photos not required but welcomed): no :( I'm prone to Keloids
Do you have any piercings? (photos not required but welcomed): no :( same, prone to Keloids.
If you answered no to the last two questions, are there any tattoos or piercings you would like to get?: [...] <~ that. a tattoo of ellipses behind brackets. It holds special meaning to me on several levels, but it's also simple and both graphic and literal. I also really want a monroe.

Opinion Questions
You must pick 2-3 out of the options below and fully elaborate with correct grammar to show you have a brain and know how to use it.
Gay Marriages- I think it's fascinating how early in the Gay movement there was this obvious push towards subverting the hegemonic ideals of society, the norm if you will. The concepts of Family and Monogamy were sought out and shot. And now, about 20 years later The exact opposite is happening in the movement, which is all well and good. Perhaps that just means that the movement has grown up and is less concerned with subverting the norm (or perhaps, we've established a NEW norm, even more exciting). What really gets me riled up, however is the fact that someone is denying another individual their rights and treating them as second class citizens. This I have a huge issue with. Whether or not a homosexual should or should not be married is none of my concern (I know some homosexuals who are still vehemently against the idea of marriage and family because it is a forced heterosexual ideal), what IS my concern is that another individual is being denied their right to choose, and when you deny someone their right to choose you are denying them their right to be human.
Stereotypes and labels- It happens. Hell, go to this community info right now and spot the stereotypes and labels. Actually, (and I'll try not to type your eyes off about this) it's interesting how labels have grown over the years with the emergence of rapid globalization. The introduction of hybrids. I read this fascinating sociological article on the concept of subersive youth cultures no longer fitting under the category of "subcultures" but rather "fluid tribes"... and I'll stop there before I bore you all.

Macabre Enough?
Tell us why you think you're "macabre": I have a dark sense of humor, I am into Mindfucks things that horrify or shock and are meant to make you question or incite some sort of strong feeling inside. I am not squeamish about gore or death (I am a SFX makeup artist), nor do I shock easily.
How would you define a "macabre maiden"? Macabre, to me is always something to be taken lightly. I think a proper Macabre Maiden has a tongue-in-cheek wit about things considered taboo in the darker sense of the word.
Show us a picture that you think is "macabre" or "morbid:
one of my favorite photographers Joel-Peter Witkin

"Cupid and Centaur"

And Finally...

What would you bring to this community if you were accepted? perhaps actual gore and macabre? If nothing else, my strange blend of humble smart-ass. (no, really I'm a very nice and docile person)
Where did you find out about this community? (if it was a specific user, please specify): dislikespeople I actually have no idea who she is, but she came into my lj and dropped an ad off.
Please promote in at least one other place and provide the link:
I'm bringing in the cute chicks

You must include 3 pictures of yourself. Try not to make them smaller than 100x100 (the size of your icon) and please make at least one of them a clear face shot.

† Lastly, please include an 85x85 picture of yourself so we can add it to the user info, should you be accepted. If you don't know how to do that, just give us a picture you would like us to resize and add.

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